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Pedigree Ovens Solar Builder Commercial Project of the Year

Althoff Industries installed a 1.7 Megawatt Solar Array at Pedigree Ovens. This solar project will benefit Pedigree Oven’s environmental footprint and decrease its energy usage. Annual it will reduce Co2 reduction by 1,456 tons and reduce energy bills for this commercial building by $119,000 annually.

Chicago Condo Building HVAC Installation

Recent completed HVAC installation at 1250 W Van Buren in Chicago. Required crane lifts and precision to detailed to replace (2) large make-up air units and (2) rooftop units, this required (8) crane picks ((4) to remove the old equipment from the roof and (4) to lift the new equipment onto the roof).

Althoff Industries - Pedigree Ovens Helicopter Pickup!

Althoff HVAC Rooftop Unit Installation

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