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Retro Commissioning in Chicagoland

Don’t you just hate speaking to a commercial HVAC company for a particular retro commissioning project, and they just keep insisting to replace all the equipment? Here at Althoff Industries, Inc., we provide consultative services that allow you to be in charge.

  • All of our work is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We provide solutions, not just quick fixes
  • We’re family-owned and operated

Call the team that’s been recommissioning equipment in the Chicagoland Area since 1961.

We can get it done. Challenges Accepted!

Arrange for a solution today

After we get some info from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your project in further detail. Please call for 24/7 response.

Benefits of Building Automation System Retro-Commissioning

Here are just some of the benefits of building automation system retro-commissioning done by the pros:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased convenience
  • A unique solution that could save money.

Here at Althoff Industries, Inc., we focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of your business’s equipment. We solve problems, which means we address lack of efficiency as a problem and think outside of the box to address it. Call our Chicagoland office today!

Why Choose Us for Retro-Commissioning?

This is not a service you can trust to just anyone. These can often be extensive jobs, where the problems are a mystery. From lighting that turns on without a cause, or doors that won’t lock properly, to even a thermostat sensor that’s not calibrated correctly, you need the best team available to solve the problems.

We back all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident we can leave you happy with our work. We’ve served Chicagoland since 1961 and have made many building owners happy with our comprehensive work.