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Riser Replacement in Chicagoland

Risers, also called riser mains, are pipes that handle the critical job of moving water to the upper floors of a commercial facility. Although risers can have long lifespans, they must be replaced eventually. The commercial plumbing contractor in the Chicagoland Area to perform riser replacement for your business is Althoff Industries, Inc..

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When Do You Need Riser Replacement?

Riser pipes are made from metal or plastic, which affects when they’ll need to be replaced:

  • Galvanized steel pipes last approximately 50 years
  • Copper pipes can reach 100 years, but may have earlier trouble
  • Plastic pipes last approximately 40 years

Age is not the only factor: a reason copper pipes don’t necessarily last 100 years is because chemicals in the water can create corrosion. The best way to tell when you need riser replacement is to watch for warning signs and then call us to handle the job.

Why Have a Riser Replaced

We encourage you to watch for these warnings of risers that need replacement—these signs will also tell you why a riser replacement is so important:

  • Drop in water pressure in upper floors
  • Indications of water leaking through walls
  • Discoloration in the water (corrosion is occurring)
  • Increase in water utility bills

Have the replacements done ASAP or you may encounter serious water damage to your facility.

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Althoff Industries, Inc. has been in business in the Chicagoland Area for over 60 years. We aim to forge long-lasting relationships with customers. Join our family—we’re here to offer solutions, not just repairs.