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Commercial Heating System Services in Chicagoland

Handling the heating needs of commercial buildings in the Chicagoland Area is no simple task. You don’t want to risk the operation of your business on shoddy work from a commercial HVAC contractor who won’t come through for you. You won’t take this risk when you call Althoff Industries, Inc.: we have more than 60 years of history exceeding expectations with our work on commercial heating and industrial heater service.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Live service dispatching 24/7
  • Always offer quotes before performing work

Our technicians are highly trained to meet all your commercial heating system needs: roof-top or individual units, commercial heating maintenance, commercial heating repairs, and more.

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Commercial Heating System Installation

It doesn’t matter what type or size of commercial or industrial heater you need installed for your facility—our technicians are more than up to the job. They will consult with you so you end up with the ideal new commercial heating system, roof-top units, ductless systems, or whatever is ideal for your needs.

Commercial Heater Replacement

We offer commercial heating system maintenance to help our customers get the best from their commercial heaters for many years. But maintenance won’t keep a commercial or industrial heater running forever, and we’re the people to trust for replacements and upgrades. We are always looking to engineer cost-effective solutions and lower energy consumption with our commercial heater replacement services—your satisfaction comes first with us.

Commercial Heating System Repair

We don’t just offer repairs for your heating systems. We offer solutions! Our technicians are empowered to offer creative resolutions for issues with your commercial concerns, including commercial boiler repair and commercial heating repair. When you work with Althoff Industries, Inc., you’re in a partnership with a contractor who prioritizes your long-term success in the Chicagoland Area.