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Building Automation and Control Systems in Chicagoland

Building automation is important for your establishment. It’s going to set the tone for everything else, either adding stress or removing it from all the other responsibilities you might have. Why not work with the team at Althoff Industries, Inc. to get your Chicagoland Area building automated?

  • We provide true 24-hour emergency services
  • Our team has been family-owned and operated since 1961
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

There’s essentially zero-risk when working with our team to address your building control systems. Call us today!

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We can handle your needs for building automation & control including:


Your building needs adequate lighting in order to function properly. There’s just no way around this. You could shop online for the cheapest prices for commercial lighting and try to install them yourself, but you’ll never get the results that you would when you work with our Chicagoland lighting experts. Call us today and we promise we’ll help you install the proper lighting you require.


From heating, to air conditioning, and even indoor air quality, your building requires the best in automation and control. We can help businesses all over the Chicagoland Area area receive HVAC controls that can be hooked up to one centralized system, or even have it accessed through Wi-Fi on tablets and smartphones.

Access Control

If you’ve got a processing plant or some other type of building that requires specialized access for certain areas, then our team can help set that up. We are well-equipped and highly trained in access control technology, and our team works relentlessly to make sure your Chicagoland company experiences the best in security. Don’t hesitate to give Althoff Industries, Inc. a call today!