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Backflow Prevention & Certification in Chicago

As a commercial plumbing contractor, an essential part of each service we provide to customers is ensuring that their facilities are up to the Chicago codes. When we do our jobs right, it keeps our clients’ businesses running—and nothing is more important to us.

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A vital compliance service we offer is testing backflow prevention devices. It is necessary for your facility to have a working backflow preventer that is regularly tested for compliance.

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Backflow Prevention

Backflow is what occurs when the pressure on either the freshwater or wastewater side of plumbing changes, causing wastewater to flow in the wrong direction and potentially contaminate the fresh water supply. This is rarely an issue in residential homes, which don’t have many cross-connection points.

For commercial and industrial facilities, however, backflow can be a serious danger. Backflow preventers are designed to stop wastewater from flowing in the wrong direction and keep the water supply free from contamination.

Certified Backflow Testers

Backflow prevention devices may wear down or fail, and they must have routine inspections to prevent future problems and discover when they must be replaced. If you receive official notification that your facility’s backflow preventers require testing, call Althoff Industries, Inc. Only specially licensed contractors can test backflow preventers and give them a clean bill of health. We’ll send one of our certified teams to make the necessary checks and keep your business code-compliant. With our more than 60 years serving Chicago area businesses, you can count on our professionalism and skill.