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Clean Room Services in Chicagoland

Not every industrial environment is the same. Some need to be kept free of hair, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The team at Althoff Industries, Inc. has been providing clean room support in the Chicagoland Area for years.

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If you’re struggling to keep your industrial clean rooms secure, call our team for help.

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What Is a Clean Room?

In the medical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms are where sensitive components or ingredients are developed. One stray strand of hair or a particle of dust can completely destroy or inhibit the product being worked on. That’s why these rooms have to remain sterile and operational.

Our team specifically works with clean room equipment and follows all necessary protocols. Whether it’s for safety or financial reasons, we understand how important it is that your clean rooms remain clean.

Clean Room Design and Construction

The team at Althoff Industries, Inc. specializes in clean room design and construction in the Chicagoland Area. We take a consultative approach, which means we’ll prioritize what your business needs over what we believe the solution should be.

By working together, we can provide excellent clean room installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services that make your establishment thrive.

Commissioning Services

Why don’t you give our Chicagoland experts a call to see what our prices are? We provide flexible commissioning services and our schedule can fit what your business needs. There truly hasn’t been a better opportunity to invest in premier clean room services than there is right now.