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Ventilation and Exhaust Systems in Chicagoland

It’s important for your business in the Chicagoland Area to properly vent and exhaust fumes and other hazardous materials. Here at Althoff Industries, Inc., our HVAC experts can simplify this kind of procedure.

  • We’ve been providing services like these since 1961
  • We’re family-owned and operated
  • We provide true 24-hour emergency services

Whether it’s providing clean air to your building or venting fumes, our team can deliver the care you require.

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Ventilation Systems and Services

What’s the point of having a professionally installed and maintained HVAC system if the treated air never gets to your customers? If you’re dealing with customer or employee complaints, then our team can help with proper ventilation systems and services.

We install, repair, replace, and maintain ventilation systems, as well as provide consultation for what needs to be done. Are you unsure of the status of your vents? Don’t worry, our team’s consultative approach allows us to target the problem and provide clear-cut solutions for your Chicagoland building.

Exhaust Systems and Services

Your industrial furnace, kitchen equipment, or other fume-producing equipment needs to be properly vented. Without expert exhaust systems and services for your business, you could see a legal problem as well as a safety hazard crop up.

Our team in the Chicagoland Area makes things simple. We’re the premier choice for any exhaust work that needs to be performed. The pros at Althoff Industries, Inc. are highly skilled and adaptable to any industrial environment. We’ve got your back.