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Backup Generators in Chicagoland

Few components of a commercial facility are more valuable when the time comes to use them than backup generators. If you’re looking to install an automatic standby generator to protect your business from the damages and revenue loss that a power outage can cause, Althoff Industries, Inc. is the local Chicagoland Area contractor to trust for the job.

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  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Always offer quotes before performing work
  • Live service dispatching 24/7

Our technicians install many generator models and sizes, and they’ll work on a consultative basis with you to ensure your business has the protection it needs in case of a power loss.

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Generator Installation

A generator installation is an essential step for today’s commercial facilities for several reasons:

  • Avoid revenue-losing work stoppages
  • Protect the health of employees, clients, customers, etc. during extreme weather periods
  • Prevent damaging data loss
  • Ensure peace of mind

Along with standard generators, we install energy-efficient inverter generators and automatic standby generators, which activate on their own as soon as they detect a loss in power. You don’t need to worry about locating the ideal type of generator to meet your facility’s needs—we always work closely with clients to ensure they have the solutions they need for a successful future. 

Generator Replacement

A commercial generator can potentially last for many years, protecting your business and keeping you at ease in case a power outage strikes. But generators wear down over time, even without regular use, and eventually need replacement. When you think you may need to have a new generator installed, consult with the experts at Althoff Industries, Inc.. We’ll determine if you need a new commercial generator, and if you do, we’ll help with the next steps to ensure you get backup power for your Chicagoland Area business.