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Ejector Pumps in Chicagoland

You want to run your Chicago area business without having to worry about problems with the sewer line or the rest of the plumbing. When you partner with Althoff Industries, Inc., we’ll have all your sewer concerns and services taken care of. We provide solutions, not just repairs!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Licensed, insured, bonded, family-owned
  • Experienced tradesmen who offer superb customer service
  • Always offer quotes before performing work

If you need service to install, repair, replace, or maintain sewage ejector pumps, we’ll meet and exceed your expectations.

Trust our more than 60 years of experience: Challenges Accepted!

Arrange for a solution today

After we get some info from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your project in further detail. Please call for 24/7 response.

Ejector Pump Installation

A sewage ejector pump is designed to overcome a basic problem a facility may face: having to move sewage through the sewer line against gravity. If plumbing fixtures are located below the municipal sewer main or septic system, only a boost from a motorized pump can move the sewage upline for proper drainage. If your facility requires an ejector pump, we’ll see you have the right unit installed and your business meets code requirements.

Ejector Pump Repair

Trouble with an ejector pump can quickly escalate into an emergency. You can reach Althoff Industries, Inc. 24/7 through our live service dispatching. Our technicians have the best training and provide the highest quality service. They’ll work fast, but never take shortcuts, and they’ll only be satisfied when you are.

Ejector Pump Replacement

The continual moving of sewage from your facility to the sewer main will take a toll on an ejector pump. Regular maintenance will alleviate this, but at some point you’ll need to get in touch with us to replace an older pump. We are experts at making upgrades for Chicagoland businesses using the best technology—trust us for a long-term solution.