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UPS Systems in Chicagoland

A generator can help a business survive when a power outage occurs. However, precision computer and data equipment often need power sent without interruption, and not even the best automatic standby generators can move this fast. The answer is an uninterruptible power source/uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Althoff Industries, Inc. is the Chicagoland Area contractor to install and service UPS systems that protect your business.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply System Installation

The protection a UPS supplies for data systems is almost instantaneous, without any break in power supply that can harm data. A UPS system delivers its power from energy stored in supercapacitors or batteries, and although it only lasts a few minutes, it’s sufficient time to allow for the backup power from a generator to take over smoothly. When we install uninterruptible power sources for your facility, we’ll match the power carefully to meet your requirements without potentially causing damage due to surges or overages.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System Repair

A UPS system fits with our company’s philosophy of providing solutions, not just repairs. A UPS system can stop many expensive repairs and keep your business ready. But your UPS may need repairs eventually, which we can discover through regular maintenance. When your back-up needs backup, we have 24/7 live dispatching to help.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System Replacement

Do you want to upgrade an older UPS system, or is your current one no longer reliable? Schedule service with Althoff Industries, Inc. in the Chicagoland Area and we’ll replace it. Our technicians have continuing training to ensure they have the most up-to-date information about backup power.