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Looking Into New Commercial Water Heater Possibilities


Few businesses in Chicagoland can operate without some type of commercial water heater. For many facilities, a commercial water heater that can handle enormous volumes of water is one of the essential components of daily operation. 

If you’re searching for a new commercial water heater in St. Charles, IL or elsewhere in Chicagoland, we recommend taking a look at several innovations in these devices. Commercial water heating technology is dynamic and versatile, and we want to help our clients stay up to date with the latest developments. We’ll assist you with finding the ideal new commercial water heater to meet your needs and match your budget.

To get started, let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting innovations in commercial water heating and how they may benefit your business.

Energy-Efficient Designs

Improvements in energy efficiency are among the main goals in business technology today, and that includes water heaters. Manufacturers are introducing high-efficiency burners and heating elements to make energy transfer more effective than ever so there’s less energy lost as water is heated. Insulation has also improved so the amount of heat any storage tank water heater loses is kept to a minimum, lowering the amount of work a unit has to do. 

Compact and Space-Saving Models

When you think of a water heater, you likely visualize a bulky, space-consuming appliance, especially when it’s a commercial water heater that must provide a larger volume of water. Newer water heaters have more compact designs, and the leader is the tankless water heater. Although using a tankless water heater (i.e. an “on-demand” water heater) isn’t right for all facilities, we recommend investigating these units if you’re looking to save space or don’t have the room necessary for a standard water heater.

Hybrid Water Heaters

“Hybrid” can mean several things when referring to water heaters. The technology we’re specifically discussing is the heat pump hybrid model. These water heaters are all-electric but consume less electricity because they draw their heat from the ambient air rather than generate it through heating elements inside the tank. This makes hybrids among the most energy-efficient designs. If you’re interested in sustainability, switching to hybrid from a gas-fired water heater may be just what your business requires.

Smart Technology 

Smart controls are also important parts of modern water heater design—and smart technology always aims at the reduction of waste through greater precision. Smart commercial water heaters come equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities along with automation, allowing facility managers can adjust settings and track energy use. The smart technology allows for water heaters to work at peak efficiency most of the time they run without making any sacrifices in commercial functionality. 

Material Innovations

To put it simply: the newest commercial water heaters are better built, using advanced material. New corrosion-resistant materials extend the service life of units and lowers the cost of regular maintenance. The new materials are also more lightweight while improving durability. Finally, these water heaters have more appealing appearances, the perfect final touch when it comes to improving their use to a commercial facility.

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