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Answering Basic Questions About EV Charging Stations

Monday, March 6th, 2023

The number of electrical vehicles on the road in Chicago is increasing all the time. You’ve likely seen signs for EV charging stations popping up all over Chicagoland, and perhaps you know of businesses that have decided to invest in installing charging stations on their property.

With such rapid developments in this new industry, people have many questions. We’ll address some of the more common ones business owners have about EV charging stations.

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The Different Levels of EV Charging Stations and What They Mean

Monday, November 28th, 2022

We offer EV charging station installation in Chicago, IL to our clients, and it’s an addition we recommend for many businesses. We’ve previously written about the many benefits of commercial electric vehicle charging stations, but as a quick reminder of the biggest ones:

  • You’ll draw in more customers
  • You’ll help to retain current employees and attract new ones
  • You’ll improve your brand as a forward-thinking company
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and support green business initiatives
  • Your property value will increase
  • You’ll increase your digital presence

So let’s say you are now interested in installing EV charging stations (and we hope you are!). Now you need to know more about the different types available, specifically the different “levels” of stations. What might work well as a home station may not provide enough benefits for your business. We’ll look into the three levels of charging stations below.

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Top Reasons to Consider EV Charging Stations for Your Business

Monday, September 20th, 2021

The number of people who drive electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing with each year, with 39% of people surveyed in a recent Pew Research Poll saying they are very or somewhat likely to seriously consider buying an electric vehicle for their next purchase. Along with that increase comes a rising need for greater infrastructure at businesses to support the vehicles and their drivers. Just using an extension cord to hook up to a car won’t do the job if you have many employees, customers, and clients looking for an easy option to charge their EVs. 

If you’re considering adding EV charging stations to your establishment, we encourage you to look further into the many benefits of this upgrade. We offer EV charging station installation in Hillside, IL and the rest of Chicagoland and can help your business with this new technology. Below we’ll look at the best incentive for installing EV charging stations.

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