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Is It Time to Replace Your Rooftop AC Units?

Monday, September 19th, 2022

The standard air conditioning systems for commercial facilities in Chicagoland are packaged rooftop units, many of which are heat pumps that also provide heating during the winter. As we move into the fall, we recommend business owners assess the performance, condition, and age of their rooftop units so they can make decisions about whether it’s time to have them replaced. If commercial air conditioning repair in Chicago, IL becomes too expensive, it’s better to arrange early to have new rooftop units installed. 

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Ways Ductless HVAC Systems Can Help a Business

Monday, July 11th, 2022

Sometimes it’s difficult for business owners to imagine running any type of company, facility, or establishment in a building without ductwork. In fact, exposed ducts have become one of the standard design looks for many types of commercial buildings. 

The development of advanced, energy-efficient ductless HVAC systems (also known as ductless mini split systems or ductless mini split heat pumps) has created a new paradigm for commercial heating and cooling. A ductless system still has parts in common with standard commercial heat pumps and ACs, such as an outdoor compressor (often housed up on the roof of the building). But instead of using a massive blower to push air from the compressor into the building’s ductwork, the compressor attaches to a series of smaller air handlers placed in zones around the facility, each capable of conditioning the air with the refrigerant sent from the compressor and blowing it directly into the zones. 

How can this type of system benefit a business? Much of it depends on the business, and not all will find ductless HVAC beneficial. We’ll go over the main advantages of commercial ductless systems to help you understand how you might use one for your commercial heating and commercial air conditioning in Elk Grove Village, IL.

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Benefits of Commercial VRF Air Conditioning

Monday, May 16th, 2022

If you aren’t familiar with commercial air conditioning or commercial HVAC in general, it’s easy to think of air conditioning systems as basically all the same. The difference is in power, and as long as you have a commercial AC installation in Chicago, IL that matches the load requirements of your facility, you’ll have the AC equipment you need.

But AC technology constantly changes and improves, and what you need for basic day-to-day operations may not be the best you can have. This is why we want to talk about commercial VRF systems, which we install and service in Chicagoland.

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