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Understanding HVAC Static Pressure in a Building

Monday, June 12th, 2023

What do you think you specifically need from your commercial HVAC system? Your first thought is likely “heating and cooling.” But your commercial facility’s HVAC system also needs to maintain proper airflow to avoid issues with high static pressure.

If you don’t know what static pressure is and why it’s important, don’t worry. We’re experts in commercial HVAC in Chicago, IL and we can guide you through the basics on why high static pressure is a concern for a commercial indoor environment, what causes it, and how to detect it.

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The Hidden Risks of Neglecting Your Commercial Exhaust System

Monday, May 15th, 2023

The exhaust system for your business is probably a part that you don’t pay much attention to. Like much of the HVAC system that works in your commercial or industrial facility, it’s mostly hidden, and when it malfunctions you may not at first notice a problem with the heating and cooling inside the building.

But neglecting the exhaust system and leaving it without regular maintenance from professionals can lead to disasters. Below we’re going to look at why you need to have routine maintenance for your whole commercial HVAC system, exhaust system included, so you’ll know when it’s time to schedule necessary exhaust system repair in Chicago, IL with our technicians.

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