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The Hidden Risks of Neglecting Your Commercial Exhaust System


The exhaust system for your business is probably a part that you don’t pay much attention to. Like much of the HVAC system that works in your commercial or industrial facility, it’s mostly hidden, and when it malfunctions you may not at first notice a problem with the heating and cooling inside the building.

But neglecting the exhaust system and leaving it without regular maintenance from professionals can lead to disasters. Below we’re going to look at why you need to have routine maintenance for your whole commercial HVAC system, exhaust system included, so you’ll know when it’s time to schedule necessary exhaust system repair in Chicago, IL with our technicians.

Code Violations, Fines, Closures

We’ll start with the most by-the-book issue with having a faulty exhaust system and ignoring the need to have it repaired: you’ll violate local codes and get hit with huge fines. All your HVAC equipment in a commercial facility must meet strict codes, and when it comes to exhaust systems the potential for health hazards makes these codes extremely rigid. Failing to meet code can mean steep fines, and at worst you may find your business temporarily forced to close until the problem is remedied—and that’s not a revenue loss you want to incur.

Health Risks

Code enforcement happens for reasons, of course, and one of them is to protect the health of a commercial facility’s employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. Poor exhaust systems are one of the most immediate health hazards imaginable, as they can lead to an influx of toxic gases that are supposed to be removed from the premises. The type of harmful exhaust depends on your facility, but the effects of exhaust like carbon monoxide are deadly. Poorly maintained exhaust systems can also lead to the development of mold and bacteria inside a building.

Fire Hazards

Another good reason for having strict codes in place. A faulty exhaust system can lead to a buildup of grease inside it, which is highly flammable and can create quickly spreading fires. Poor exhaust can also lead to flammable fumes remaining inside a facility. 

Decreased Energy Efficiency

Even a minor malfunction in an exhaust system, the kind that can develop due to maintenance neglect, will create issues with energy efficiency. Your entire HVAC system will have to work harder to overcome poor exhaust and the increased pressure inside the system, and you’ll see much higher energy bills as a result. 

It isn’t difficult to keep up with maintenance for the exhaust system in your commercial or industrial facility: you only have to arrange with our technicians for a regular maintenance program. We’ll develop a customized plan built around your facility and equipment. We do much more than surface-level maintenance: we handle system maintenance and building monitoring. You can trust us to see that your commercial facility has a smoothly working HVAC system with no problems.

Althoff Industries, Inc. has served Chicagoland with commercial HVAC services since 1961. Reach out to us today for upgrades, repairs, and retrofits to your commercial exhaust system Challenges Accepted!

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