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The Different Ways Pipes Are connected: Threaded Pipe vs. Flanges vs. Welded vs. Pressed


In the world of commercial plumbing, one of the key parts of the success of any installation or repair is using the correct type of pipe connection. If you’re not familiar with the plumbing industry, you might think there’s only one type of connection, or if there are different types, the differences are only minor. But commercial plumbing is complex and needs to be customized for the many different roles in a facility. 

We’ll look at the four main choices for pipe connections: threaded pipes, flanges, welded joints, and pressed connections. Having the right pipe connections will have a major impact on how effective your facility’s plumbing is and how long it will last. 

We’ll take you on a brief tour through the different pipe connections and their best uses. Remember to always trust professionals for any type of commercial pipe services, from commercial pipe installation to commercial piping maintenance in Chicago, IL.

Threaded Connections

Threaded pipe connections involve screwing pipes together using threads. You’re probably familiar with this method, and it’s common in commercial plumbing because of the ease of installation. However, precision is important to prevent leaks. Threaded connections are versatile, but they may not be right for high-pressure plumbing systems. Professional plumbers will ensure a snug fit and prevent potential issues down the line.

Flange Connections

Flange connections use flat, usually circular, plates to join pipes. The advantages of flange connections include their ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures, helping them with durability and reliability. Proper alignment and gasket selection are crucial for flange connections, and this makes them a preferred choice for industrial plumbing.

Welded Connections

Welded pipe connections involve fusing pipes together using heat. This creates a seamless joint, reducing the risk of leaks. Welded connections are strong and work well in high-pressure environments where durability is the biggest concern. However, the precision required in welding needs the expertise of the most skilled professionals. A poor welding job is almost as bad as having no welding done at all!

Pressed Connections

Pressed or compression connections are a modern innovation: pressing pipes and fittings together using specialized tools. The advantages of pressed connections are speed and efficiency—when a job needs to be done quickly, they’re a great choice. You’ll need to trust the work to professionals who not only have the correct training but also have access to the high-quality modern equipment necessary to do the work.

Leave the Pipe Work to the Pros

Professional plumbers will not only ensure your facility has the correct plumbing connections to meet its needs, they will also make sure to follow all safety standards. You don’t want shoddy work to lead to leaks and a possible structural failure! 

Our team at Althoff has extensive experience with all types of commercial and industrial plumbing systems as well as the most advanced pipe connection technology. You can rely on us to select the correct connection methods for the different processes and requirements of your facility. 

Rely on the contractor who has served Chicagoland since 1960: Althoff Industries, Inc. Challenges Accepted! 

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