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The Advantages of Camera and Video Drain Inspections


Your commercial facility has extensive plumbing in it, no matter what type of business you operate. Whether this plumbing is essential for process or is necessary for basic sanitation and water supply, you’ll want to ensure it’s kept in the best shape possible. 

This is where commercial camera and video drain inspections in Chicago, IL is immensely helpful. Thanks to advances in technology, our commercial plumbers do not need to disrupt your business to handle jobs like pipe and sewer line inspections, drain and sewer cleaning, and diagnosing plumbing problems. This technology also makes it faster and easier to locate issues in commercial plumbing and devise solutions that remove time-consuming guesswork and physical disruption to the workspace.

What Is Camera and Video Drain Inspection?

Essentially, it’s using digital, miniaturization, and fiber -ptic technology to allow for an internal examination of commercial piping. The standard video inspection equipment consists of a digital camera and LED light mounted at the end of a long fiber-optic cable. Plumbers send this camera down into pipes or through sewer clean-outs, and the camera sends back images to an HD monitor for the plumbers to examine. The plumbers can also record the video feed so they can play it back for clients to show their findings. 

There are several different sizes and lengths of video pipe inspection equipment—the longest can snake the entire length of a commercial sewer line. There are very few places these specialized cameras can’t reach in a commercial plumbing system.

How This Technology Is Beneficial

To explain, it helps to use the “wayback” machine to a time before digital cameras and miniaturization. Examining the inside of pipes was difficult, and most work involved in diagnosing plumbing problems came from educated guesswork and external factors. Quality plumbers could often pinpoint troubles and devise solutions, but it required extra time and there was a larger margin for error. Plumbers might excavate a pipe only to discover the problem could have been solved an easier way.

Video pipe inspection removes most of the guesswork involved in repairs, maintenance, and replacement of pipes. Take, for example, a common plumbing service: sewer line cleaning. The easiest way to discover if a sewer line needs cleaning is to send the digital camera down the length of the pipeline. Plumbers may discover the sewer needs a standard cleaning, or they may discover other issues that would otherwise have escaped them, such as tree root infiltration, leaks in the pipe wall, and extensive corrosion. This is one reason we recommend regular video pipe inspections as a preventive service: we can catch many troubles before they become serious and threaten to interrupt your business.

We Use the Best Tools Available

For the most part, you won’t have to worry about requesting our plumbers to use video camera inspection equipment: they’ll know when it’s the right equipment for the job. We’ve been in business for many decades and we always stay on top of the newest in commercial plumbing technology. We train all our technicians on the latest equipment so they can put it to the best use for you and all our clients.

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