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It’s Fall: Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your HVAC Systems


When October arrives, you know it’s truly fall. The temperatures will start to drop, and although this may at first come as a relief after a hot summer, it also warns of the extreme cold that is around the corner when winter starts.

Ask yourself if your commercial facility in Chicago is ready for the approaching winter. What important steps do you need to take to ensure your operations continue as normal when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing?

You might already have a list of what you need to get done. We want to make sure that you have commercial HVAC maintenance in Chicago, IL on that list. Few services are more important for a business to handle the effects of winter than ensuring the heating systems can operate properly, at the highest efficiency, and with little chance of an abrupt breakdown.

Commercial Maintenance Is One of Our Most Important Services

At Althoff, we provide a wide range of commercial services, including HVAC installations and repairs. But maintenance is arguably the most important of our HVAC services because it provides so many benefits to customers. 

Perhaps the most important benefit is that it keeps businesses running. Although we’re always ready to come to the assistance of our clients with 24-hour emergency service when they have faulty rooftop units, furnaces, or boilers in their facilities, we know our clients would rather never have to make those calls in the first place and deal with possible loss of revenue because of an interruption in operations. Maintenance is the best way to prevent the heating system and other HVAC malfunctions, including complete breakdowns. The peace of mind you’ll gain as a business owner is worth the cost of maintenance alone.

Another huge benefit of commercial HVAC maintenance is that it extends equipment life. Installing commercial heating systems is costly, and any business owner will want to get the best return on their investment. The inspections, cleanings, and adjustments our technicians do during regular fall maintenance help heaters last for as long as possible and provide that high return. Neglecting maintenance for HVAC systems can lead to premature replacements—a rooftop unit that is supposed to last for 15 to 20 years could fail in only 8 to 10—a significant loss.

Maintenance is also a critical safety step, especially for facilities that rely on natural gas power for some of their heating systems. During maintenance, our technicians make careful inspections of gas-fired boilers and furnaces and make checks on electrical components that could pose fire hazards. We’ll leave your business with a clean bill of health as far as its HVAC equipment is concerned.

Finally, maintenance saves you money each time your HVAC equipment turns on because it keeps the systems working at their best energy efficiency. Neglecting maintenance will cause a drop in energy efficiency (usually 5% per season) that will soon add up to unnecessarily high utility bills. This is an easy cost to avoid: keep current with maintenance, and your equipment should only lose 5% efficiency over its service life.

Speak to our commercial HVAC experts today to set up regular commercial maintenance with our team.

Contact Althoff Industries, Inc. today to arrange for your fall commercial HVAC maintenance. Challenges Accepted!

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