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The Importance of Ark Flash Protection


Arc flash incidents pose a major risk to many types of commercial buildings, threatening both people and equipment. Having arc flash protection is a crucial aspect of commercial electrical safety. 

You may not know just how important arc flash protection is, or even what an arc flash is. In this post, we’re going to look closer at arc flashes, how arc flash protection systems work, and why they’re critical for fire prevention in a commercial facility

For a comprehensive solution, we recommend contacting Althoff Commercial—we’re the commercial electrician in Chicago, IL with a proven track record over more than sixty years.

What Is an Arc Flash?

An arc flash is a sudden release of energy caused by an electrical fault, resulting in an explosive burst of light and heat. (“Arcing” refers to electricity moving along unintended paths, such as leaping between wires.) These incidents can occur because of equipment failure, lack of regular maintenance, and other factors. Regardless of the cause, this burst of heat posing severe fire dangers. Arc flashes are much more common than many people feel, which is why protection is important.

How Arc Flash Protection Works

These systems typically include technologies such as arc flash relays, sensors, and protective devices. They can quickly detect unusual conditions in the electrical system and shut down sections to prevent or minimize the effect of the flash. They are integrated into the electrical structure of commercial facilities and can provide a rapid response to any dangers.

Arc Flash Protection Benefits

Arc flash protection does more than stop electrical malfunctions. Arc flash incidents can ignite surrounding materials, leading to catastrophic fires in commercial buildings and even loss of life. Arc flash protection provides critical protection for property, equipment, and most importantly people. It is also an important part of compliance with safety regulations and standards. If you’re unsure if you have arc flash protection, please look into the issue immediately so you know that your commercial facility is compliant. 

Contact Us for Arc Flash Protection Services

Arc flash protection systems must have proper professional installation and regular maintenance in order for them to work. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your commercial building, Althoff stands out as a partner you can trust. We have successfully installed advanced arc flash protection systems in numerous commercial establishments and helped to maintain and repair them so they continue to do their job.

If you’re uncertain about the current condition of your arc flash protection (or of any part of your commercial electrical system) we recommend scheduling an appointment with us. We can do an audit of your electrical system and locate areas of concern and places where your facility may be in non-compliance. We have been working with Chicagoland businesses since 1960 and are familiar with the dangers of arc flash and other electrical issues that facilities can face—and we know how to provide the right solutions.

Call Althoff Industries, Inc. for all your needs for commercial electrical services in Chicagoland. Challenges Accepted! 

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