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Why Choose Us for Drain and Pipe Lining


It’s our philosophy at Althoff to provide our customers with solutions to problems, not just simple fixes or by-the-book operations. We constantly upgrade our technology and methods to provide the best possible customer service experience on all jobs, and we have the confidence in the skill and professionalism of our employees to back up their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We could stop right there and say we’ve covered the best reasons for why you should work with us when you need drain or pipe lining in Hillside, IL or elsewhere in Chicagoland. But there’s much more—and it has to do with the specific techniques we use to handle these jobs. 

Trenchless Technology

The most important fact to know about our service for underground piping is that we use trenchless technology. This means we only need to do a minimal amount of digging to repair breaks and leaks in buried pipes. For decades, the standard method of pipe repair was to excavate, ripping open surfaces to reach the pipes and patch or replace them. This consumed time, cost money in additional labor, and created a large mess on the site that often couldn’t be repaired seamlessly. 

With trenchless technology, we don’t need to do any of that. We can approach repairs to pipes and drains laterally. To fix a leaking sewer line, for example, we insert a lining into the cleanout for the sewer line and use forced air to push the lining into place where it seals onto the inside of the sewer line with epoxy and closes up the leaks. Once the lining is in place, we send video pipe inspection equipment into the sewer line to check that we completed the job correctly. 

This process may take only a few hours, requires much less labor, and leaves your property undisturbed. At most, we have to dig a small hole to access the opposite end of the sewer line to draw the liner through. 

NuFlow: Advanced Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology isn’t used universally. Not all commercial plumbing contractors have the tools or training to do it. We are proud to offer the best in trenchless technology and the people skilled at doing it. Even better, we used the most advanced form of trenchless technology: NuFlow. 

NuFlow is a cured in-place (CIPP) pipe restoration process that has several advantages that set it apart from standard trenchless pipe lining technology. NuFlow uses a special epoxy with a longer life that can make old, corroded pipes better than when they were new. It works with a wide range of piping materials (clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC, fiberglass). It can go around bends in pipes, where other methods can only work with straight pipe runs. 

Overall, NuFlow offers a long-lasting solution to damaged and aging pipes. Rather than an expensive full pipe or drain replacement, we can use NuFlow to restore your pipes and give them a second life. 

You won’t have to worry about the technology we use for your plumbing services: you can count on us to always find the best solution for your commercial plumbing needs.

Rely on Althoff Industries, Inc. for your commercial plumbing services. Challenges accepted!

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