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How Commercial Heating Systems Handle Extreme Weather Conditions


When you think about the heating systems that keep your business running through our winter weather, does it ever seem amazing that these heaters are able to keep going considering all they’re up against? It’s no accident that they can withstand extreme weather: they’re built specifically to handle the job, and commercial HVAC contractors know the strategies necessary to keep them running year after year.

We’re experts when it comes to commercial heating in Waukegan, IL. After all, we’ve been serving Chicagoland with the best commercial and industrial services since 1961. In this post, we’re going to look at several of the measures employed in commercial heating that help these systems make it through the extreme winter weather we experience in Chicagoland while maintaining efficiency and high performance. 

Regular Maintenance

This is the most important measure to help heating systems endure extremely cold conditions. During fall maintenance, our technicians carefully inspect equipment to identify problem areas, and this includes ensuring that the unit can hold up against intense cold. We properly winterize all outdoor heating systems, such as rooftop packaged HVAC units that are among the most common for commercial buildings.

Insulation and Sealing

To avoid overtaxing heating systems, the facilities they heat must have the best possible insulation and heat sealing. This prevents heat from quickly escaping outside and putting even greater strain on the heaters. If you minimize heat loss, you’ll not only maintain the indoor temperature you want, you’ll also give your heating system a longer service life with fewer repair needs.

Weather Responsive Controls

Weather responsive controls are a type of energy management system for HVAC units that continually monitors outdoor temperature and then adjusts the performance of the HVAC unit for the optimum indoor temperature. This type of smart technology is not only convenient, it lowers bills through better energy efficiency. It also helps to prevent heating systems from overworking and possibly failing. 

Snow and Ice Removal Systems

HVAC units that are exposed to outside weather can have their airflow blocked because of snow and ice, affecting their efficiency and performance. Special snow and ice removal systems, which include heating elements, defrost cycles, and mechanical devices, will remove cold-related blockages so the heater can work normally.

Remote Monitoring

Another technological development that allows for better heating system management in winter is remote monitoring. With these systems in place (often as part of a building automation system), you can remotely track heating systems, quickly identify problems, and then call on HVAC contractors to correct the problems before it causes any downtime for your facility. 

Emergency Backup Systems

No matter how many precautions are built into commercial heating systems or how many preventive measures are taken to keep them running, unforeseen circumstances can still cause them to break down. Having alternative heating sources or generators offers a safety buffer is essential during difficult weather conditions.

If you have concerns about how your commercial HVAC system will perform through the coming winter, you can rely on our team to assist you. We don’t just offer repairs—we’re in the business of finding innovative solutions.

Althoff Industries, Inc. is here to help your heating systems work at peak energy efficiency and effectiveness throughout the winter. Challenges Accepted!

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